5 Reasons To Live In...Ramsey

In the third of a series of short articles on each of the 7 locations in which Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings operate, we present 5 reasons to live in …Ramsey.

Ramsey is located 9 miles North of Huntingdon and is a small town located in Cambridgeshire. There are many family run shops and cafes that reinforce the market town feel. Being so full of history, there is a lot to discover.

Ramsey Branch Manager Peter Hoare in front of the Abbey Gatehouse

Ok - so those are some of the facts about Ramsey - but why live there?

This is what Peter Hoare Branch Manager of Ramsey had to say...

“The Gatehouse at the old Abbey was founded AD 969 and dissolved in 1537. The building and site was granted to Richard Williams who had part of the gatehouse dismantled and moved to Hinchingbrooke House but the remainder of the gatehouse survives as a ruin at Ramsey.

The Ramsey Rural Museum has a 1940s weekend every year that exhibits farm machinery from the 17th century onwards. Every year all of the shops partake and people wear costumes- it’s great fun!”

Here are Peter Hoare’s top 5 reasons to live in Ramsey:

1 Abbey Gatehouse

Abbey Gatehouse - Well worth a visit!

The Abbey Gatehouse was the first of the great religious houses in Eastern Fenland to be founded and has since been an interesting historical experience for locals and tourists a like. The stone figure that can be found at the abbey is described as a depiction of Ailwyn which was drawn in 1719 by DR. Stukeley.

2 Ramsey Golf Club

The golf club is a great gem that can be found in Ramsey. Located just off the high street, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

3 Fast commute to Peterborough

Whether you are looking for a day out or a commute, it is incredibly easy to travel to Peterborough from Ramsey. Via car Ramsey to Peterborough is only 25 minutes via the B1040 and B1095. If you don’t drive it is still possible to travel to Peterborough as there are frequent buses that can take you there in under an hour. 

4 Ramsey Rural Museum

The Ramsey Rural museum is an independent museum in Fenland town. They have an extensive book shop, where books of a variety of genres can be found. As the museum is independent, volunteers are always welcome which is a great way to spend a day. 

Great Schools

For those looking for a town with nearby schools, Ramsey is great as they offer both primary and secondary schools. Abbey College is a great edition for the town for those students who would like to further their education into 6th form.

So there we are…

                                   5 reasons (and there’s lots more) to live in Ramsey according to Peter Hoare.

To find out more about the Ramsey branch please click here or contact the office direct on 01487 814666

Author: Taeja Austin

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