A Fiver For Farr? Asks Thomas Morris and Relocation Agent Network

Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings, and Relocation Agent Network are pleased to announce their support and sponsorship of Emily Farr, 18, in her charity work with Restless Development, a youth led development agency empowering young people to bring about positive change - and they are asking others to help by donating just £5!

Emily, from St Neots, will travel to Zambia for 3 months as part of the UK Government funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme. She will work in partnership with Zambian volunteers to help lift some of the world’s poorest communities out of poverty and help bring forward developments in many different community aspects. 

Emily's specific voluntary work includes raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, as well as advocating for women's rights, community development and helping with CV and employment skills.During her trip, she will be staying with a local family and learning to adapt to their way of life and strong held traditions.

 Emily is currently on a gap year between sixth form and university, and said "It is important to me that I do something worthwhile during this time, and what better way to spend it than helping others." But this experience does not come with out its drawbacks, "My whole lifestyle is going to change whilst I'm out there, I'll have no bed, running water or electricity for the entire time I'm out there. On top of that, I'll have very limited contact with loved ones - I think that's what I'll struggle with the most".

 Before she  leaves for Africa, she must raise £800 for Restless Development to cover some of  the costs of the trip. Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings, along with Relocation Agent Network, are pleased to have donated toward Emily's fundraising, as well as offering support and advice in her campaigning.

Richard Tucker, Vice President of Cartus, the world’s leading provider of relocation services says “We wish Emily every success with her fund raising campaign and volunteer work in Zambia.”

Richard Tucker, Vice President Cartus and Managing Director Relocation Agent Network commented – ‘Cartus is the world's leading provider of relocation services. With an expansive global footprint, providing services in over 185 countries, Cartus moved nearly 168,000 customers, worldwide in 2016.  We are delighted to be associated with Emily’s charity work for this extremely worthwhile cause in conjunction with Thomas Morris, who are long term members of Relocation Agent Network, our UK estate agents network of selected companies.  We wish Emily every success with her fund raising campaign and volunteer work in Zambia’

Emily Farr visited the Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings office in St.Neots . She’s asking for donations of £5 from 40 more people to achieve her objective of helping young people in Africa.)

Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings director Simon Bradbury agrees…

“We would like to wish Emily all the best in her African adventure and we congratulate her on her fundraising efforts so far. It’s just fantastic to see a local young person giving their time and energy to such a worthwhile cause and we are proud to support her alongside Relocation Agent Network.” He continued

“If about just about 40 more people could donate £5 each, Emily would achieve her target of £800 and be on her way to help the young people of Zambia.”

To donate £5 to Emily's trip, text FARR66 £5 to 70070, or visit  www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Emily-Farr-Zambia .

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