Promote Your Business With Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings For FREE!

There’s a phase that ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’ and it seems that it might be true – at least for businesses local to any Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings. branch.

Starting from next month we will be offering local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves to the 50,000 subscribers of our newsletter,,,,, free of charge!!

We already have a hugely popular ‘Events Happening In Your Area’ section in our newsletter which advertises events on behalf of local charities, schools and other voluntary groups at no charge. This is simply an extension of that idea, allowing any commercial organisations (no matter how big or small) to promote their products and services at no cost.

So whether you own a local shop, restaurant, night club or run a small ironing business from home – we’re here to help.

If you’re interested in taking us up on this offer, simply follow these guidelines and your business could be chosen. We’ll be selecting  one business each month to be promoted through the newsletter…

1. Make the item interesting and between 400-800 words in length. Remember this is NOT an advert, so tell the world your story.

2. Include at least 2 images or photographs  as well as your logo– preferably including photo’s of people working in the business.

3. Explain what’s unique or unusual about your business – what does it do better than any   similar business that would be useful for our 50,000 readers?

4. Have you won any awards and do you have examples of feedback from satisfied customers? If so include that information in your article.

5. Include a link to your website and clearly indicate your contact details – telephone numbers and email address.

6. Finally, we strongly recommend that you make a genuine ‘special offer’ to attract attention. It doesn’t have to be very extravagant – just genuine and limited to a specific period of time.

And that’s it!

If you would like your business to be considered for promotion, and as long as it is located in the “Thomas Morris region”, simply send your article to our editor or call 01480 474488 .

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