THIS Could Add £50,000 To Your House

As estate agents we're always being asked what a seller should do to add value to their house

Well the first suggestion in this article from the Daily Express may surprise you, though it is apparently based on 'new research' and supported by numerous property experts including one of our favourites - buying agent Henry Pryor

House prices are big news currently, as property prices are soaring in certain parts of the UK and slumping in others. Now it has been revealed that one easy fix could add value to your house.

House prices are subject to change over the years, but one thing that will boost the price of your house has been revealed.

More desirable than great transport links and a coffee shop near by - street art on the side of your property can boost the price by up to £50,000.

A whopping third (32 per cent) are willing to pay up to £50,000.

Eighty per cent of Britons agree that eye-catching murals contribute to a positive community atmosphere, according to the research carried out by the Affordable Art Fair.

Great street artists such as Banksy can change the way the British public perceives street art, and this is translating into much higher prices for houses.

Buying Agent, and Property Expert Henry Pryor said: “Today, buyers are more likely to be drawn to areas where street art shows the vibrance of the local community and indeed, there are people will pay a premium to be a part of it.

“In fact, we are now seeing architects making space for bespoke alfresco artworks works into their new projects and either commissioning one off works or giving space to rotate works.

“Culture is a positive for prices and the best acts as a magnet pulling in buyers who admire and appreciate the styles. With such competition come the premiums that must be paid to be able to be a part of these places.”

To see the full version of the article, together with a video on 'Top Tips For Selling Your Home' from Express Property Expert Louise Fletcher, click here

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