Valuing a Fine & Country home: what do you need to know?


Having your house valued is one of the most important stages of preparing to sell your property. Richard Carpenter from Fine & Country St Neots gives advice on what to look out for and how to prepare for a valuation.

Each estate agent will work to value your home differently, but there are several key factors that many will look at when deciding the value of your home.

The first is to look at comparable homes which have sold. This can be tricky where unique homes are concerned, but it is a good starting point. It’s also crucial to consider how the market has changed since nearby sales have completed. Additional value can be added for the quality of the fixtures and fittings, layout, views, number of bedrooms and more.

An estate agent will take a careful look at the location of the property, perhaps including the postcode. Due to where it is located, some properties are valued lower than others because of factors like crime rate, amenities, and transport links, while other properties are valued higher because they are in school catchment areas. Once the agent arrives at the property, they will look for convenient car parking, access to the entrance, and the general safety.

Once inside the property, they will consider the size of each room and square footage for the whole property. The layout of the property is also very important. Most buyers don’t want to walk from a bedroom into a lounge, or a kitchen into a bathroom.

A good estate agent will have years of experience, so a little can be trusted to their instinct and gut feeling. They will share all their research, methods and findings with the client to ensure they have faith in the valuation and trust their decision.

When preparing for an agent to come around to value a home, it is always useful to present the home at its best. Sellers should always endeavour to present the property in its best light. They should avoid clutter and ensure that that they do not obstruct any natural light entering the property. All rooms should be well lit and aired. It is also advisable to ensure the property is clean and presentable. It’s also a good idea for the homeowner to have an idea of their plans, intentions and timescales, along with any relevant documentation such as planning permission or guarantees.


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