Conveyancing jargon explained


Additional Enquiries

These are extra enquiries over and above the agreed enquiries contained in the standard property information form which a conveyancer deems it absolutely necessary to raise with a sellers conveyancer.


Bank transfer fee

Fee charged for transferring money electronically from one bank to another usually on completion day.


Chancel Repair

The obligation of a property owner to contribute towards the cost of upkeep of the Chancel of a church is an ancient one and is often not recorded in the title deeds to the property. Many properties are subject to these obligations even where the property has been built in modern times and there is no apparent Church in the vicinity. Although the Church authorities will lose the right to register new repair obligations against properties in England and Wales in 2013, the rights will continue to affect many properties. In the meantime we are able to offer a no-search insurance to cover you against any possible risk.

Completion date

This is the date when the sale of a property is agreed to be finalised. When moving into a property it is also called the MOVING DATE


This is the legally binding form of agreement incorporating all the terms and conditions of sale of a property made between the Buyer and the Seller.



This is the word used frequently by lawyers for the necessary expenses to be incurred when buying a property.

Drainage Search

This search is carried out to check whether there are water or drainage pipes under or near the property so that we can ensure that the correct documentation exists to cover this. It will also reveal whether the property is connected to the mains for these services and whether there is a water meter at the property.


Environmental Search

It is now recommended that buyers also carry out an environmental search to check if there are any landfill or waste disposal sites in the area, if the property has been built on an old industrial site and whether there are any risks from contaminated land, toxic emissions, flooding, subsidence etc.

Exchange of Contracts

This is the moment when the contract finally becomes legally binding and a completion date is agreed and fixed.

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