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Want to sell your house securely?

Find out more about selling your home at auction with Thomas Morris.


Selling your house securely

With Thomas Morris, you can sell your home quickly and securely at a price that's right for you. 

Our Secure Selling Service, also known as Modern Method of Auction, means potential buyers can bid on your property 24/7. This method attracts residential and commercial buyers, meaning your property will reach a broad market. We partner with iamsold to sell your home securely.

What you can expect

How does it work?

Find out more about the process and timeline. 

Valuing your property

We’ll value your home and discuss how much you could get. As part of this process, we'll agree an undisclosed Reserve Price (the minimum your home will sell for) as well as Starting Bid (the initial price at which the property is marketed).

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We’ll photograph your home, prepare the property details to advertise your property, and arrange the EPC if required. We’ll also prepare an auction pack, which provides property information and legal documentation to potential buyers and is required to sell your property with our secure sale service. You will only pay for the pack if your property sells.

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Marketing your property

We’ll begin advertising your property while the auction pack is being prepared to generate as much exposure and interest as possible. Once this has been completed an end time and date is set and your property goes ‘live’ which means bids can be made online.

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All prospective bidders must download the Auction Pack and accept the terms before bidding. Bids can be viewed and made in real time, 24/7. Before the end of the auction, if you choose to, you can accept an offer rather than it going to the highest bidder. When your property sells your bidder must pay their reservation fee to secure the property.

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Completion of your sale will take place within a transaction time of 56 days depending on the method of sale. You'll pay no estate agency fees apart from the cost of the Auction Pack upon successful sale. 

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Sell your property securely with Thomas Morris

To start the selling process, book a valuation today. We'll advise you on the best way to sell your property. Whether that is selling via our Secure Selling Service at 0% agency fees or the standard process at variable fees, on the valuation you can receive information for both.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions to find out more. 

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Sorry, we are unable to provide a valuation for this address as it may be registered as a business address. A member of our Valuations Team may be able to provide more information. Book a Valuation to start the process.

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This instant value is based on local data and recently sold house prices in your area, . This is an estimate as we are unable to take the condition of your property and any improvements you may have made into consideration.

To get an accurate valuation based on a viewing of your property book an expert valuation now.

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Contact our property management team to discuss your property needs with an expert

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Secure Selling Service improve the chance of selling my property?

Our Secure Selling Service offers a unique advantage by attracting a pool of active and determined buyers in a highly competitive environment. Additionally, this process provides a clear timeframe for the sale, minimising the time your property is likely to remain on the market and giving you clear expectations about the sale of your property.

Will my property sell?

The success of our Secure Selling Service hinges on two factors: a motivated seller with realistic goals and our targeted marketing strategy which ensures your property reaches the right audience and achieves a competitive market value. Our auction department will work with you to determine the most effective pricing strategy to generate strong interest.

Do I have to accept the highest bid?

No. All properties have a confidential minimum reserve price agreed upon with you beforehand. Only the starting bid and subsequent bids are made public, and no sale will take place unless the reserve price has been met. A reservation fee is then collected. If you choose not to pay sales fees, the reservation fee won't contribute to the purchase price; it's a separate cost to cover the selling process.

Can I accept bids outside the auction process?

Absolutely. We're legally obligated to present any offers to you, even before the auction concludes. The decision to accept an offer and end the auction early rests entirely with you as the seller.

How quickly will I have to move out?

The timeframe for moving out depends on the method of sale you choose, typically ranging from 28 to 56 days.

How long does the sale process take?

The bidding process is decided by the vendor and auction team, who will agree a date to set the property live for auction once all paperwork is signed, with a transaction time of 56 days.

Will I achieve the right price for my property?

You will set a reserve price which is the minimum amount for which your property will be sold. Our pricing strategy is designed to generate interest and foster competitive bidding with the potential to drive that final purchase price beyond the reserve. 

What happens if the buyer doesn't agree to pay the agent's fee?

By law, your agent is obligated to present all offers to you unless you have agreed otherwise. If this situation arises, your agent will inform you of the details and advise you accordingly.

Will I have to pay the agent’s fee if the buyer refuses?

This depends on the specific terms of your individual contract(s) with the agent. It’s important this is clearly established before you sign anything. While the buyer would ideally be responsible for the fee, the agent should clarify from the outset what will happen should a prospective buyer refuse.

Can I accept bids before the Auction has started, or before the auction is due to end?

If you choose to, you can accept a bid before the auction has finished. We are legally obligated to submit all bids forward to you as the seller, but it is your decision if you wish to accept it and conclude the selling process early.

Could the reservation fee deter a potential buyer from bidding?

While some buyers may factor the reservation fee into their overall offer, the majority of our auction sales proceed with the buyer paying the reservation fee. Ultimately you control the minimum acceptable price through your reserve price.

Why are there identification checks?

By law, we're registered to perform identification checks on all parties in any property transaction. This is standard procedure that involves an electronic search and verification of your identity through Lifetime Legal, with a cost of £60 per transaction for anti- money laundering checks.