May 13th 2022
Read our ten super helpful, easy to implement ways to make selling or moving home much easier.
May 9th 2022
Whether you are refurbishing to sell, rent out, or live in your property, follow our five steps to choosing the best builders.
April 28th 2022
Read our tips for getting your property ready to go on sale in what is predicted to be a busy few months for the property market. 
April 26th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we know many people are keen for information about the housing market. There is a lot of uncertainty about the housing market, but as you’ll see, there are many reasons to feel confident about the market.If you need any help with St Neots property moves, please get in touch with Thomas Morris.
April 22nd 2022
Given the demand for property these days, it is no surprise that homes are selling quickly.At Thomas Morris, we know buyers are looking for property across the local area, and we are here to assist you with any move you wish to make.If you want to move quickly, but without compromising on the standard of the sales process, we are the local estate agents you can trust in St Ives.
April 21st 2022
What homeowners can learn from the Grand National. We look at some top tips on how to sell your home for more, in a timeframe that suits you.
April 19th 2022
There are many reasons why house prices rise, but when the demand for homes is far greater than the supply of property, it is likely that the price of homes will increase.
April 14th 2022
There is no denying landlords have a lot consider when letting property. An important factor is the standard of rental property, and in the next few years, there will be fresh challenges for landlords.
April 13th 2022
Read our best tips for making an easy job of your spring cleaning. Here is what you need to know to get started.
April 12th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we aim to help landlords as much as we can, and we offer a broad range of services.By helping landlords find suitable tenants, we can minimise void periods. This is vital, because when a property is empty, landlords don’t generate income. It is not as though any tenant should be let in, there needs to be checks. However, by careful management of the rental process, landlords can be happy.
April 9th 2022
It is fair to say homebuyer behaviour has shifted a bit in recent times. The impact of the pandemic and lockdowns has changed a lot of people’s priorities.
April 8th 2022
Move or Improve? Have you outgrown your current home, but are not sure whether you should move or improve?