October 18th 2021
If you are selling your home, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC. The EPC is a handy way to see how energy-efficient your home is, and there are many reasons to improve this rating.
October 15th 2021
Check out this impressive video presenting a truly exceptional residence currently available from our Fine & Country department.
October 14th 2021
At Thomas Morris, we are delighted to say we work closely with many buyers and vendors. We know what people are looking for in a property, and we know what constitutes a dream home for many people.
October 11th 2021
As a landlord, it is vital you know what matters to you, and how you can best achieve your aims and goals. However, you also need to know what tenants are looking for from you.
October 8th 2021
At Thomas Morris, we are keen to support landlords as best as we can, and the good news is, there is significant demand for rental property.
October 4th 2021
The impact of the pandemic and lockdown has impacted every aspect of life, and many people have suffered financially because of it Many landlords have been left concerned about tenants inability to pay their rent, and in spring of 2021, there were genuine concerns about rent arrears rocketing.
September 30th 2021
Section 21 notice periods are changing on 1st October 2021. Find out more 
September 27th 2021
Ever since the first lockdown, space has become even more vital for property buyers. It has always been important, but in recent times, buyers are desperately looking for homes with space.
September 23rd 2021
We know that demand for property has shifted a bit in the past year or so, but at Thomas Morris, we know things can change quickly. If you want to ensure you make an informed decision regarding the Biggleswade housing market, contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.
September 20th 2021
At Thomas Morris, we know that buying and selling a home is difficult. Right now, demand for homes far outstrips supply. This means it is a great time to sell your home, but once you have sold it, it might be difficult to find a suitable new home.
September 17th 2021
If you are a landlord looking to make the most of your investment opportunities, the student market is well worth considering.
September 13th 2021
At Thomas Morris, we know landlords are interested in the annual rental growth figures. While the demand for rental property has been high of late, it is natural to question whether this will continue.