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A landlord's guide to fair wear and tear
November 4th 2023
One concept that often confuses landlords (and tenants) is the idea of 'fair wear and tear'. What does it mean? And how does it affect your ability to claim deductions from a tenant's deposit, if required? 
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Why tenants and landlords should take inspections more seriously
August 19th 2023
Property inspections can mean the difference between a long and successful tenancy and one that ends in recriminations and disputes. We've rounded up four reasons to take mid-tenancy property inspections seriously.
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6 ways to spot a fake landlord Tips for tenants, with someone in a hoodie on their phone
August 1st 2023
Last year more than 6,000 reports of online rental scams were reported. Here are some warning signs to help you not get duped.
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Five toy houses sitting on piles of coins
February 13th 2023
If you're new to the renting game and feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of navigating the lettings market, don't worry. We've compiled five tips to help you find a great place to live and settle in smoothly.
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Five reasons good tenants leave landlords
November 22nd 2022
What causes an excellent tenant to move out, and what, if anything, can a landlord do about it?
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A Fairer Private Rented Sector?
June 29th 2022
You may have noticed that in June the government announced a policy paper ( part of a so called “ White Paper “ ) outlining proposals for significant changes to the private rented sector. These proposals are part of the governments wider levelling up agenda which includes the ambition to halve the number of poor quality homes by 2030.
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Right to rent online checks
April 6th 2022
Changes from 6 April 2022 will impact how letting agents and landlords in England conduct Right to Rent checks.
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A couple receiving keys to a new home
April 5th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we aim to provide as much support and guidance to landlords and tenants as we can. At our Biggleswade office, we have developed an excellent reputation for supporting the local lettings community.
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Tenant Concerns Over Energy Bills
December 24th 2021
It is vital landlords are aware of the challenges tenants face, and if possible, landlords should take steps to alleviate some of the issues and concerns tenants face.
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Government £65m rent arrears fund
November 16th 2021
The government recently announced that it will make £65m available to support low income households who are in rent arrears, as a result of the pandemic. As a landlord or a tenant, what does this mean for you?
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Tenants Want Green Homes
November 11th 2021
With the COP26 event being hosted by the UK in November 2021, it is no surprise there has been a focus on environmentally friendly options of late. Of course, this has long been a popular topic in the rental market, and it makes sense that many tenants are keen to live in a green home.
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What Do Tenants And Agents Think Of The Rental Market
October 11th 2021
As a landlord, it is vital you know what matters to you, and how you can best achieve your aims and goals. However, you also need to know what tenants are looking for from you.
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