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Four reasons why tenants and landlords should take inspections seriously

August 19th 2023
Why tenants and landlords should take inspections more seriously

Property inspections can mean the difference between a long and successful tenancy and one that ends in recriminations and disputes.

So if you're a landlord or a tenant, don't treat them as a chore or write them off as a box-ticking exercise.

Here are four reasons to take mid-tenancy property inspections seriously.

1 Raise issues

Inspections are an opportunity for tenants to flag up niggling issues that aren't urgent but are worth looking into. This feedback allows landlords to address minor problems before they become expensive, disruptive repair jobs.

2 Build trust

Successful tenant/landlord relationships are built on trust - and that's what inspections can deliver. The landlord can check that everything in their property is in good order, while the tenant can be reassured that the landlord takes their responsibilities seriously.

3 Health and safety checks

Inspections allow landlords to check that the property (inside and out) is safe and secure. Whether it's a hitherto unnoticed faulty appliance or a leaky pipe, the inspection should flag it up. 

4 Avoid disputes

Sometimes there can be confusion over who is responsible for doing what in a rental property (garden maintenance is a prime example). It's better for these issues to be spotted early – and resolved through discussion – than to have them flare up at the end of a tenancy.

Organising inspections

Landlords must give 24 hours' notice of an inspection (although even more advanced warning can be helpful), and they must be conducted at a reasonable time of day.

Tenants can refuse access if the timing of the inspection doesn't suit them, although it's always best to be flexible.

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