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A landlord's guide to fair wear and tear
November 4th 2023
One concept that often confuses landlords (and tenants) is the idea of 'fair wear and tear'. What does it mean? And how does it affect your ability to claim deductions from a tenant's deposit, if required? 
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Insurance essentials for landlords
September 9th 2023
Being a landlord comes with a set of responsibilities and risks. One way to manage these risks is to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage. 
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Why tenants and landlords should take inspections more seriously
August 19th 2023
Property inspections can mean the difference between a long and successful tenancy and one that ends in recriminations and disputes. We've rounded up four reasons to take mid-tenancy property inspections seriously.
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6 ways to spot a fake landlord Tips for tenants, with someone in a hoodie on their phone
August 1st 2023
Last year more than 6,000 reports of online rental scams were reported. Here are some warning signs to help you not get duped.
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Two gardening tools sticking out of the dirt with the text Five ways landlords can avoid gardening disputes
May 29th 2023
Properties with gardens are highly sought after by renters, but with garden maintenance the cause of a quarter of all end-of-tenancy disputes, it’s an issue requiring careful management.
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Estate agent showing couple around property
May 2nd 2023
The way an agent prices a property when it first comes to market is absolutely crucial to ensuring a successful sale or let. With Thomas Morris, you can be sure you are with the best.
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A shocked person in front of the text 'Six must-know facts for accidental landlords'
April 18th 2023
If you're an 'accidental landlord' getting to grips with all you need to know can be daunting at first, so here are some helpful tips to get you started.
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Guide for first time landlords with a cartoon house attached to a key
March 13th 2023
If you’re considering diving into the private rental sector for the first time, here are five things you should know.
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Landlord signature being signed
January 29th 2023
Whether you’re a landlord with a single shoe-box-sized studio or an empire of thousands of homes, a good letting agent can save you time and money. Here’s a list of four different types of landlords and an outline of how a letting agent can help.
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Five landlord resolutions
January 2nd 2023
We often get contacted in January by local landlords, read five of the most common resolutions we see them make.
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Five reasons good tenants leave landlords
November 22nd 2022
What causes an excellent tenant to move out, and what, if anything, can a landlord do about it?
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Rental fraud
October 11th 2022
With the cost of living crisis dominating headlines it seems that the UK is heading for a recession – fast. And the fallout of an economic downturn can be a costly one for landlords. 
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