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The hidden costs of buying a home What to budget for
November 25th 2023
Buying a new home can be an exciting journey, but the price you've agreed with the seller is just one piece of the financial puzzle. We delve into some of the easy-to-overlook expenses so you can budget wisely and avoid unpleasant financial surprises.
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The upsides to downsizing
November 18th 2023
The decision to downsize often arises from a variety of reasons, such as children leaving the nest, a desire to leverage accumulated equity, or simply the appeal of a more manageable living space.
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Four tips on navigating an uncertain property market with a map in the background
November 11th 2023
If you're considering selling in the next year, we've put together four tips to help you navigate an uncertain housing market.
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A landlord's guide to fair wear and tear
November 4th 2023
One concept that often confuses landlords (and tenants) is the idea of 'fair wear and tear'. What does it mean? And how does it affect your ability to claim deductions from a tenant's deposit, if required? 
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Selling your home doesn't have to be a horror story, with a spooky looking house in the background
October 28th 2023
Here are some Halloween-themed things to watch out for to help you avoid a nightmare on your street when selling your home
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4 painful headaches home sellers face, with a cartoon of a girl with stars around her head
October 21st 2023
Selling a home can be an emotional and sometimes stressful journey. Here are the four biggest headaches our home sellers face and how we, as good estate agents, can help.
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Smart security: Top tech to protect your area home
October 14th 2023
Homeowners have more options than ever regarding innovative security technologies designed to keep their homes safe during the darker months. Let's look at some of the options available.
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Create autumnal magic for your home
October 7th 2023
The change from summer to autumn offers the perfect opportunity to make your living space nice and cosy. Here's how to add some snug touches this autumn to make your home feel more homely.
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Weather-proof your autumn move
September 30th 2023
Are you considering moving this autumn to be in a new home by Christmas? This 90-second read will help to get you ready.
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Moving in autumn, your guide to preparing for an autumn sale
September 23rd 2023
Autumn is around the corner, and with the changing season, some people want to change where they live. Here's how to navigate this seasonal market.
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Two people looking at the Thomas Morris website on a laptop
September 17th 2023
In this article, we'll explore the reasons why it's more important than ever to have an expert estate agent in your corner.
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How an energy audit puts pounds in your pocket
September 16th 2023
In this two-minute read, we look at energy audits and why they’re worthwhile.
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