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About Thomas Morris Conveyancing

Thomas Morris Conveyancing are professional qualified property lawyers specialising in residential conveyancing, the name given to the legal process necessary after you have agreed to buy or sell a property. We work closely as a team with Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Lenders and any other Conveyancers involved in your sale or purchase to ensure a satisfactory and speedy conclusion. 

Our offices are based in Cambridgeshire, however we deal with properties all over England and Wales and are approved by all major Banks, Building Societies and Mortgage Lenders to carry out the legal formalities on their behalf. 

You will find all of our team to be friendly, approachable and helpful at all times. You will also find that we only speak in simple plain English - no complicated legal jargon!

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September 21st 2020
When the housing market re-opened in May, there was a significant level of activity. This wasn’t a surprise. There was pent-up demand for property, housing deals had been placed on hold and many people’s circumstances will have changed during lockdown.
September 16th 2020
With a deadline in place for the stamp duty holiday, it is easy to see why many vendors and buyers are keen to conclude their property transactions as soon as possible. At Thomas Morris, we have welcomed many buyers and vendors, and if you are looking for assistance in making a move soon, we can help.
September 14th 2020
It is easy to see why the focus on reporting of the stamp duty holiday has fallen on property buyers. The measure was introduced to stimulate buyer activity, and there is no denying there has been significant movement in recent weeks.
September 7th 2020
When it comes to buying property, there is no denying many first-time buyers benefit from assistance. There are Government backed schemes that help people buy, but the Bank of Mum and Dad has long been a way for people to make their first foray into home ownership.
August 31st 2020
While there was a heightened level of activity in the housing market when people were allowed to buy and sell houses, many industry experts believed this demand would tail off. There were a range of reasons why so many people engaged the market at this time, with many of these reasons not being relevant as the year wore on.
August 27th 2020
Most of the focus on the stamp duty cut has fallen on how it will help buyers’ step on the property ladder. This is important, because when buyers benefit by saving money, it provides vendors with confidence.
August 24th 2020
Made a decision to move and now looking to sell quickly? Choose Thomas Morris and get a FREE Rightmove Featured property when you instruct us to sell your property before 30th September 2020Get twice the visibility online, appear at the TOP of the page and get more buyers interested in your home 
August 20th 2020
The stamp duty holiday introduced in early July 2020 is expected to aid buyers in the housing market. Some industry specialists have predicted as many as an additional 100,000 houses will be sold because of this measure.
August 17th 2020
The stamp duty holiday has encouraged many local buyers to consider moving home. At Thomas Morris, we are pleased to say we have welcomed many prospective buyers, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the impact of the stamp duty holiday, please get in touch.
August 12th 2020
With the stamp duty holiday set to encourage buyers to snap up homes, we are pleased to say we have been busy in the local market, helping buyers and vendors. If you would like guidance on how the stamp duty holiday impacts the St Ives property market, please contact Thomas Morris.
August 10th 2020
The stamp duty holiday is likely to have a positive impact on the housing market for the rest of 2020 and the opening months of 2021. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) expects an additional 100,000 homes to be sold because of the stamp duty holiday.
August 6th 2020
If you are interested in what impact the stamp duty holiday will have on the Royston housing market, Thomas Morris is here to help you. We are pleased to say many local buyers have contacted us, and we know many others are currently evaluating their options. If you would like to discuss the matter with a local housing market specialist, we are here to assist you.