Land Search

Are you looking for land for sale?

Thomas Morris Land & New Homes provide services for those looking for land for sale as well as those looking to sell land. Over the years, as well as a wealth of experience and a track record of success in land acquisitions and disposal, the Land & New Homes team has built relationships with legal experts, planning consultants, architects, professional bodies and more to ensure that the knowledge and resources they need are readily available.

If you're looking to purchase some land, we can help you search and identify current land that has been listed for sale. 

Alternatively if that isn't available right now, we can help identify and pursue potential land options with you. 

Looking for land to buy?

Our network of branches is always on the lookout for land acquisition opportunities. Our knowledge of the local market and the local people means we are able to locate all types of land opportunities to offer to the market. Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry means we are able to provide guidance through all stages of land acquisition and planning processes.

Site appraisals

If you are buying or selling, our extensive local knowledge means we can provide site appraisals, valuations and assessments as well as identifying any local issues associated with an area to ensure that we fully enhance the asset.

Do you have land to sell?

If you have land to sell, Thomas Morris is able to provide comprehensive advice and recommendations, as well as a full range of selling services to ensure the smooth marketing and sale of the land. We can tailor make the marketing strategy to support the client's needs and timescales.  We have existing relationships with a database of builders and developers both locally and nationally for whom we are continuously searching for development land opportunities.