Viewing a rental property

When looking at properties to rent there are a few things you'll need to look out for. Here's a few tips from us to help. 

  1. Move quickly

The rental market moves a lot quicker than buying and demand for good rental properties is high. To reduce your chances of missing out, make sure you view as soon as possible and are ready, with the money for administration fees and deposit ready in your account. That way you'll be able to secure your desired property as soon as you find it. You should also sign up for property alerts so you get notified as soon as properties come available. 

  1. Be prepared

Know exactly what you want from your rental property and what you're prepared to compromise on. If you have a set list, then take it with you. That way you can ask all your questions at the viewing from the agent and if available on the viewing the current occupier.  It can be really easy to forget during the viewing itself.

  1. Don't view alone

Never go alone. Take someone with you or attend the viewing with a letting agent. Safety must come first and you'll also have another pair of eyes to help.

  1. Know the housemates first

If you are renting with others as a house share, make sure you meet all of your potential new housemates before committing. Living with others, especially if you don't know their quirky ways can be difficult. Finding out about them before you move it could save a potential disaster.

  1. Know the costs

If possible, ask for an idea of what the expenses may be before you commit. If you can, request to see the utility and council tax bills so you know what to expect. Ask if anything is included in the rent? If sharing, discuss and agree how the bills are split and paid for.

  1. What’s included?

If the rental property is advertised as furnished, ask exactly what is included. It may not be everything that you can see on the viewing if these belong to the current tenant. 

  1. It’s all in the details

Make sure you have a good look round. It's the little things that might not be as obvious. Look at the cupboard and drawer space in the kitchen - is it enough for all your kitchen items? Where will you put your things in the bathroom? Where will you fit your hoover? These are the little things that could make it harder then you thought to live there. 

  1. Research your agent 

As your main contact will be with the agent you are renting your property through, it is worth doing a little bit of homework to make sure they offer good service to exsiting tenants. Check out their reviews, ask previous tenants and find out what thir process is for getting something fixed if it breaks during you tenancy.