How much can I afford?

It helps to know your budget when looking to rent a property - especially if this is the first time you'll be living on your own and paying for bills.

We've put together these helpful pointers so you can plan ahead:

  • Work out your finances so that you can act quickly when we find you your next home.
  • Be realistic - know exactly where you want to live, how much you can really afford and what you need to do to move in quickly. Renting property is a lot faster than buying – so it's good to be ready to go as soon as you see the property you want. 
  • Make sure you consider other outgoings that you'll have on top of the rent such as gas, electricity, council tax, water bills, broadband etc. It's a good idea to write a budget plan by listing all your outgoings against your monthly income. 
  • Consider switching any utilities to get the best deal possible and make savings.
  • Once you know what you have available to pay for rent and where you'd like to rent, get in touch and we can help find the perfect property for you.  

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Budget planner
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