Good News Ahead As UK Prime Markets Reach A Turning Point

July 10th 2018
By: Thomas Morris

Our colleagues at Fine & Country have published their latest National Housing Market Outlook report for the prime sector.

The report reveals how things are starting to improve. While there are still many surveyors reporting a fall in the number of buyer enquiries, the number reporting a rise has significantly increased, with expectations for further growth in the coming months. In London, this is the first time in 12 months a rising number of buyer enquiries has been reported.

Currently, the Government's main housing priority is making housing more accessible and it appears to be working as the number of first-time buyers is rising. This is relevant to the prime marketing because heightened activity at the lower end will filter upwards. 

Fine & Country are very confident the ice is starting the melt in the prime property market, but we must bear in mind the meteoric rise in prime prices experienced by many parts of the country after the credit crunch will probably not be seen again.

To see a full copy of the report please 
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