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Three reasons why you should sell in February

Posted January 24th 2024
Thinking of selling in February?

As we start heading away further away from the new year and towards the end of winter, you might start to think about selling your home. If this is the case, you might want to make your move soon .

There is no bad time to sell your house, but February is one of the best months for you to do it. Not only are customers back in the market and ready to buy, light and warmth are finally getting back to normal. 

We've put together a few reasons why February is one of the best months to sell your property.

The market is back in full swing

After the lull of December, the housing market begins to pick back up in January and really comes alive in February. Spring and its build up are the busiest time of year for property sales, and if you get your property listed early then you have a better chance of standing out in a crowded market.

January cobwebs have been swept away

Christmas, while fantastic in itself, can be an exhausting and expensive time of year. With the long wait between pay-days, people can feel demotivated and less likely to commit to purchasing a home. By the time February rolls around, people are back into the swing of things and more likely to be in the property-purchasing mindset.  

Homes look more appealing

Between the cold temperatures and dark days, the depths of winter can be a hard time to market a house. In February the cold starts to thaw and it stays lighter for later, which makes property viewings much more pleasant. First impressions are everything, so the nicer weather that February promises will make your property much easier to sell.

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