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How to ensure your home passes the sniff test with buyers

July 18th 2023
A cartoon of a woman sniffing flowers with the text 'How to ensure your home passes the sniff test with buyers'

Whether your home is fragrant or foul-smelling can significantly affect how quickly you land a buyer.

Why? Emotions play an important role in the buying process. And our emotions are driven by our senses – especially our sense of smell which can trigger all sorts of conscious and unconscious feelings.

We’re not suggesting someone will buy your home just because it smells good, but it is a crucial way to help make a good impression.

And first impressions count when it comes to winning over a buyer.

If your home smells unpleasant, a buyer will immediately form a negative opinion and start nit-picking (and possibly wonder if you have a drainage or damp issue).

And if it smells good, they’ll look more favourably upon what’s in front of them.

Here are some tips to ensure your property passes the smell test.

  • Give your home a deep clean, and keep it clean during the viewing process. Use deodorising products on carpets and rugs and check the drains are unblocked.
  • Pet beds and litter trays can really get up some people’s noses, so remove any dog or cat paraphernalia.
  • Empty the bins, especially in the warmer months.
  • Musty smells are common in bathrooms, attics and basements. Use white vinegar to wipe down problem areas and eliminate odours.
  • Avoid cooking things like fish or garlic the night before a viewing.
  • Use scented candles to create a pleasant aroma. Floral, vanilla, and cinnamon fragrances are safe bets.

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