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Easy Spring-Cleaning Tips

Posted April 13th 2022
Close up of shelf being cleaned with cloth and spray

The arrival of spring typically signals that it is time to give your home a good cleaning. After a long winter indoors, spring cleaning helps your home feel fresh and ready for the coming season. But we understand that not everyone gets excited about the list of chores that come with the start of spring. That is why we have compiled our best tips for making an easy job of your spring cleaning. Here is what you need to know to get started.

Go room to room

Do not feel like you need to clean the entire house in one day. That is just an invitation to put off the task indefinitely. Instead, think about cleaning one room at a time. Start with the room that needs the most attention. Maybe you practiced being a home chef this winter and your kitchen could use a deep cleaning. Or the kids took over the living room the last few months and now there are crumbs and toys everywhere. When you begin with the room that needs it most, you will get a bigger payoff. And that could encourage you to tackle other rooms once you see the results. And it is OK to skip rooms that you recently cleaned like the guest bedroom or the dining room.

Streamline your cleaning products

Marketing professionals are good at making us think we need a specialised product for every task. But that can make spring cleaning feel overwhelming and more expensive than it needs to be. Not to mention that more cleaning products mean more clutter, which we are trying to avoid. Instead, invest in one or two good multi-purpose cleaners that can be used on most surfaces in your home. Opt for natural varieties that do not contain harsh chemicals. You can even make your own with staples you already have on hand.

Enlist your family for help

Who says you must be the only one responsible for deep cleaning your home this spring? The job will go much faster if you enlist your family or roommates to help. Even young children can lend a helping hand. Choose chores that are appropriate for each child’s age and reward them when they complete each task. This will help to teach your kids how to clean and make them feel included in the process. A good place to start is to have each child tidy up their bedrooms.


Even if your home is technically clean, it can feel dirty if you have clutter. As you are spring cleaning your home, keep an eye out for items that you no longer need or want. Determine which of those items can be donated or sold and which ones should be thrown out or recycled. The simple act of decluttering can make your home feel cleaner and more spacious almost instantly.

Make a schedule

Finally, do not try to do your spring cleaning all in one day, or even in one weekend. Instead, consider making a schedule. Aim to clean for 15 minutes each day, going room by room. Once you have completed your spring cleaning, keep the momentum going by spending 10 or 15 minutes every day tidying up and cleaning. When you do a little bit every day, you will no longer need to invest major time in seasonal cleaning every year.