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Home improvements that won't add value to your property

March 20th 2023
Someone holding open an empty wallet

Thinking of revamping your home before you sell it? If so, think carefully before you spend a fortune on improvement projects.

While the works you get done might be to your taste, they might be a turn-off for fussy buyers.

And after spending loads of cash, you may not see a return on your investment.

Here are some home improvements that can wind up costing you money.

New flooring – Some people love padding about on plush carpets, but others (especially pet owners and parents with kiddies) prefer floorboards or tiles. The risk is that whatever you choose, it won’t be to buyers’ tastes, so they won’t pay extra for it.

Flashy kitchen – Posh countertops and bespoke cabinets look great in interiors magazines but can be eye-wateringly expensive. Often, it’s better to smarten up your existing kitchen with a lick of paint and a few repairs. Leave the mega-makeover to whoever buys your home.

Landscaped garden – A tidy garden can be a real asset, but elaborate water features or built-in furniture won’t necessarily add huge value. Instead, ensure all fences are in good condition, and the plants are well tended to.

Hot tub – The hot tub is the Marmite of garden features. Some people love them; others loathe them. Think carefully before you go there.

Flamboyant wallpaper – A quirky ‘feature wall’ can be a great way to express your personal style. But wallpaper can be expensive to buy and hang – and there’s always the risk that buyers hate it. Leave the décor neutral and save the big interior design statements until you move into your forever home.

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