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How to choose the best estate agent

December 21st 2023
Best estate agent guide winner

When it comes to selling or renting your property, most potential sellers or landlords naturally want to choose the very best estate agent to deal with what for many is their most valuable asset. So how do you pick the right one?

Most people will use a variety of methods before selecting up to three agents to visit the property and explain about the services they are able to offer as well as providing details about any costs. Before selecting an agent to “interview” it’s important to do your research. This background work could  include asking friends and family about their experiences, checking out a potential agents website (perhaps even visiting their office) and monitoring their reviews from credible review sites such as Google. This can be very time consuming and liable to unconscious bias, but is none the less critical if you are looking to select the right agent.

But what if this research work (and a whole lot more!) was done for you? What if there was a credible resource to help guide you to the very best estate agent in your area?

Step forward the Best Estate Agent Guide 2024

The guide has been collecting data for a number of years now and for 2024 has carried out the most comprehensive review of UK estate and letting agents using a combination of property listing data analysis and Google reviews. The analysis includes a staggering total of 2,230,000 sales triggers and 1,777,000 lettings triggers – that’s a LOT of data!

Only the top 20% of all agents are judged to qualify for the guide and there ae further distinctions and awards for the very best of the best, so when using the guide, look out for the medals for firms who really are assessed at being at the top of their game!

The specific areas that are assessed for the guide are as follows …

  1. The percentage of new instructions each agent takes on.
  2. Whether their share of new instructions is growing or contracting.
  3. The agent’s share of sales or lets agreed.
  4. Whether the agent’s market share is growing or shrinking compared with others in their patch.
  5. Market share of exchanges or lets.
  6. Percentage of properties that sell or let.
  7. Percentage of properties withdrawn from the market.
  8. Percentage of property transactions that fall-through before exchange.
  9. Time to sell or let subject to contract.
  10. Time to progress to exchange or let.
  11. Asking price.
  12. Achieved price.
  13. Price reductions.
  14. Google rating level and review sentiment

To check out the Beast Estate Agent Guide 2024 and identify the best estate agents in your area, click here…