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Help! No one wants to buy my property!

Posted February 17th 2023
A cartoon emoji of Munch's Scream with the title Help! No one wants to buy my property!

Are you a seller stranded in property limbo? Has it been weeks since you've had a viewing and months since anyone came close to making an offer?

If so, then your property is 'stuck' on the market, and you need to act. Here are four reasons why properties don't sell and some tips to attract buyers and get your sale back on track.

1 Incorrect pricing

Does your pricing strategy reflect what's really going on in the market? Recent interest rate hikes mean buyers have less to spend and lenders are wary of over-priced properties. If you over-egged the pudding with your initial asking price, consider going with a more realistic figure.

2 Lousy presentation 

Untidy rooms, grotty toilets and unpleasant odours repel buyers, as do personal items on display. If you're guilty of any of these property-selling blunders, it's time to clean up your act. Ensure your property is spotless, sweet smelling and decluttered for every viewing.

3 Poor repair 

If your home needs work, but you're yet to receive an offer, ask yourself if it really is a doer-upper? Or is there a more serious structural problem that is spooking buyers? Have an honest discussion with your agent. You may need to bite the bullet and rectify the issue.

4 Your estate agent isn't any good

There's a chance that it's not you, it's not your home – it's your agent! It could be that their marketing strategy is rubbish, they've taken on too many clients, or they just can't be bothered. If any of these things ring true, don't waste any more time – find yourself a better agent.

If you’re selling up, contact us today for an honest valuation of your property.