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The Art of Negotiation: How Skilful Agents Secure Top Price for Their Clients

Posted October 3rd 2022
Art of negotiation

There are several critical components to a successful property deal; one of the most important – but often under-appreciated – is negotiation.

Many people wrongly assume that once you’ve listed a property online, it sells itself. They don’t realise that getting any old deal isn’t the same as getting a great deal. (The difference between the two can be tens of thousands of pounds – life-changing money.)

To achieve the best possible price for your home, you need an experienced professional handling your negotiations; this is because a good agent:

  • Understands that buying a property isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s an emotional one. So they’ll ask buyers many questions to gain insight into their motivation and personal circumstances. All this will inform their negotiation strategy further down the line.
  • Can read buyers’ body language during viewings and the dynamic between couples who are buying together - valuable intel to have when you get close to striking a deal.
  • They lay the foundation for a good deal by getting the asking price right. Conversely, pricing a property too high builds distrust and makes the seller look greedy.
  • Brings extensive local knowledge to the negotiating table. They’ll be able to justify your pricing strategy to buyers who try to knock down the price.
  • Builds personal connections with people so that the negotiation doesn’t feel like a gladiatorial process but an honest conversation.
  • Exudes confidence. If you try to manage the negotiation process yourself, the risk is that the buyer senses your inexperience and takes advantage.
  • Looks for common ground between the two parties and emphasises these key factors to keep the deal moving and build trust.

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