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Why houseplants make your home a little better

Posted January 12th 2023
Cartoon houseplants below the title of the blog

It’s Houseplant Week across the UK from January 9th to the 15th, so what better time to celebrate bringing a bit of the great outdoors indoors? Houseplants add colour and a sense of calm to any home.

But that’s not all. Below are six more reasons why plants can improve our lives and where we live.

  1. They can reduce mould. Snake plants and English ivy are several types of plants that help combat humidity in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. Scientific tests have proven that indoor plants can reduce stress levels.
  3. Not only that, but various tests showed that people who cared for houseplants tended to be more relaxed.
  4. Plants purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants.
  5. They can add a little glamour and pizzazz to your home, especially when combined with fairy lights and stylish shelving. 
  6. There is a vast range of indoor plants available for people working on tighter budgets. These include Aloe vera, pothos and spider plants. 

And here are three simple ways to make indoor plants enhance your home.

  1. Create a staircase garden with small plants going up the steps. 
  2. By placing plants in your bedroom, you’ll wake up to a little bit of nature each morning.
  3. Large eye-catching plants are a great way to add focus to a room. Yucca plants and weeping figs can help achieve this wow factor.

To find out more about the wonderful world of indoor plants, check out: – it’s filled with valuable articles and how-to videos.