Blood Sweat and Tears for Agents Giving!

April 12th 2019
By: Thomas Morris

Blood Danielle
This way to give blood!

Three of our Love Mud Challenge team have literally added ‘blood’ to the undoubted sweat and tears they will experience when undertaking the challenge that awaits them on Sunday May 19th when they are due to take on a formidable 7km obstacle course in aid of the charity Agents Giving.

Blood waiting
Getting ready

Declan McGuire from Royston, Robert Owen from St Neots and Danielle Thordal from St Ives all turned up to donate blood at Cottenham Village College in Cambridgeshire, along with fellow team member Katy Poore who was unable to participate.

‘In actual fact it was great fun’ said Declan ‘I would recommend it to anyone. It’s such a simple way to help out.’

Blood giving
Declan and Rob do their duty!

Declan and his colleagues might not find their next challenge as easy when they turn up at the secret bunker in Essex to take on the Love Mud Challenge – all in aid of Agents Giving

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