May 13th 2022
Read our ten super helpful, easy to implement ways to make selling or moving home much easier.
May 9th 2022
Whether you are refurbishing to sell, rent out, or live in your property, follow our five steps to choosing the best builders.
April 13th 2022
Read our best tips for making an easy job of your spring cleaning. Here is what you need to know to get started.
April 9th 2022
It is fair to say homebuyer behaviour has shifted a bit in recent times. The impact of the pandemic and lockdowns has changed a lot of people’s priorities.
February 28th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we stay in touch with the local housing market in Ramsey, as well as the national market.
January 7th 2022
If you intend to move home in 2022, it is vital you find a place you love. Yes, you need to consider your budget and the basics when it comes to caring for your family, but you should find a place where you feel settled.
January 3rd 2022
The start of a New Year is a natural point for people to consider their life, and this is a perfect time to make some changes. If one of the changes you are contemplating involves moving to a new area, there is a lot to consider.
November 5th 2021
If you plan on selling your home, it is essential you know what buyers are looking for. You must connect with them, and how you present your home influences this. At Thomas Morris, we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners connect with buyers when it comes to selling their home.
November 2nd 2021
We know that energy-efficiency is a big deal these days, and of course, vendors must hold an EPC when selling their house.
October 29th 2021
At Thomas Morris, we aim to help people understand what is happening in the market, and we are keen to provide buyers and vendors with tailored guidance.
October 25th 2021
Even though there is significant demand for rental property right now, and rents are increasing again, it seems as though there has been a fall in recent years for overall rent paid.
October 22nd 2021
It wasn’t so long ago that the property market was focused on people moving out of the city to rural areas. It seems as though that trend is changing, with buyers drawn to a metropolitan lifestyle again.