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The blog is a place for us to share property news, and informative articles.

January 18th 2020
Renovation Resolutions for 2020? Top Tips
New Year is a time for a change, and improving your home can add value.
January 18th 2020
Selling Your Home – Can You Leave Furniture?
Anything a vendor can do to connect with buyers and make their home more appealing is worth pursuing.
January 11th 2020
Are Buyers Looking For Local Homes?
Knowing what buyers think and look for during the sales process is crucial for vendors.
January 11th 2020
Void Periods Rise In New Year – Be Prepared
While landlords should start the year with optimism, it is improtant to be aware of risks posed by void periods.
January 4th 2020
Are Landlords Looking To Sell Property And How Can You Capitalise?
A recent survey suggests some landlords intend to leave the market in 2020, will this affect you?
December 21st 2019
St Neots Vendors – When Does Your Decluttering Begin?
Decluttering your home is a popular activity at the start of the New Year, and it is also a crucial stage of the sales process.
December 21st 2019
St Ives Landlords – Are You Planning For New Year?
There is a lot to be said for making positive changes in your life at the start of a New Year, and we can help you find a new home or sell your existing property.
December 14th 2019
How To Make Small Spaces Work
Just because you have a small home or small spaces doesn't mean you cannot attract buyers, we'll show you how.
December 14th 2019
A Home Office Helps Sell Your Home
Knowing what buyers are looking for in a home helps you sell, and demand for home offices are on the rise.
December 9th 2019
Thomas Morris and the 12 Days of Christmas
Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings are pleased to announce that they will be running their 12 Days of Christmas campaign from Monday 9th December 2019.
December 7th 2019
Ramsey Landlords – What To Do Between Tenancies
While void periods pose a concern for landlords, this time provides an opportunity to improve your rental property.
December 7th 2019
Quick Cleaning Tips Before Guests Arrive
When you have guests coming to your home, you need to create a positive impression. These tips will stand you in good stead.