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September 14th 2019
Homeowners & Landlords Need Time
When certain problems arise at home, it is vital you act quickly, so follow these tips to care for tenants and rental property.
September 14th 2019
Landlord Confidence Is Low – How To Increase It
In a challenging market, it is critical landlords are ready for anything. Improve your confidence with these tips.
September 7th 2019
Can You Speed Up The Sales Process? Yes You Can
Speed up the sales process without compromising on the quality of the sale.
September 7th 2019
How To Attract Long Term Tenants
If you would prefer a tenant to stay with you for a longer period, take steps to achieve this outcome.
September 2nd 2019
Property Guru - September 2019 - Pricing
Accurate pricing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available in presenting your property for sale. Richard Carpenter from Fine & Country St Neots gives a few tips on what to consider when pricing your home.
August 24th 2019
A Shocking Reason Your Home May Not Be Selling
There are many rasons why a house doesnt attract buyers or sell. Many of these reasons are apparent, but some reasons may shock you.
August 24th 2019
Landlords – How To Deal With Pests
Landlords need to take good care of their rental property, and this includes dealing with uninvited guests.
August 17th 2019
Sawtry Property Prices August 2019
Stay in touch with Sawtry house prices and make an informed decision when you move home.
August 17th 2019
How To Get Into Your Buyers’ Mindset
Think about what your buyers looks for when they search houses, and you enhance your chances of connecting with them.
August 16th 2019
You’ve Accepted An Offer… now the real work begins (for us!)
So you’ve just accepted an offer on your house, congratulations! Job done, right? Well not for us. 
August 10th 2019
End Of Term Tips For Landlords
The end of a tenancy is a challenging period for a landlord. With our support, you can make the process run more smoothly.
August 10th 2019
Questions To Ask Your Estate Agent
Not every estate agent is the same. Make sure you ask questions which help you find your ideal agent, who will assist you in selling your home.