April 5th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we aim to provide as much support and guidance to landlords and tenants as we can. At our Biggleswade office, we have developed an excellent reputation for supporting the local lettings community.
February 11th 2022
The start of a New Year is a great time to look back, but it is vital to look forward. If you are looking to buy a home in 2022, this is the ideal time to familiarise yourself with what is likely to unfold in the next 12 months.
February 4th 2022
A café in St Neots is set to help many locals hone their baking and cookery skills, thanks to a hugely successful crowd fundraising campaign.
February 1st 2022
The Cambridgeshire Live website names St Ives as one of the finest places to live in the local area, and we whole heartily agree. They also address the elephant in the room that the St Ives in Cornwall is not the only place with its name, and as they rightly point out, our local St Ives is more than a match for the other location!
November 16th 2021
The government recently announced that it will make £65m available to support low income households who are in rent arrears, as a result of the pandemic. As a landlord or a tenant, what does this mean for you?
November 8th 2021
Thomas Morris has been independently identified as one of the top estate agents in the country and now features in the Best Estate Agent Guide.
September 30th 2021
Section 21 notice periods are changing on 1st October 2021. Find out more 
May 26th 2021
The term ‘relocation’ is often associated with a particular notion: someone packing up their family to move cross-country or ev...
March 29th 2021
What is Relocation Agent Network and how can they help find buyers and tenants from around the country? Mark Westcott, Director at Relocation Agent Network explains.
March 4th 2021
Great news for buyers with the introduction of a 5% mortgage deposit scheme, offering a 95% mortgage loan on properties valued up to £600,000.
January 8th 2021
If you plan on selling your home, it is vital you focus on your needs and challenges. However, part of the task in selling your home is connecting with buyers. This means you should pay attention to what buyers search for, and what compels people to make an offer on a property.
December 12th 2020
Selecting an effective estate agent to sell or rent out your home can be a difficult and sometimes confusing task. Should you rely online reviews? Look out for an agents board presence? Scour the web for information on past performance? Seek recommendations from friends or previous clients?... or… check out the Best Estate Agent Guide 2021, supported by Rightmove and the Property Academy.