Declutter And Sell February 2021

February 3rd 2021
By: Thomas Morris
Declutter And Sell February 2021

If you have spent a lot of time at home of late, you might be in the mood for a spring clean. There is a lot to be said for decluttering your home at this time of year.

Also, if you plan on selling your home in 2021, there is a great deal to be said for decluttering the property.

At Thomas Morris, we are firm believers in the decluttering process when selling your home, and if you are looking to sell up and move on in 2021, we can help.

Decluttering your home will push the sales process on

Decluttering your home before listing it for sale delivers the following benefits:

  • Your home will look larger, which should make it more attractive to prospective buyers

  • The process adds perceived value to your property

  • A decluttered home offers fewer distractions to prospective buyers

  • A decluttered property helps prospective buyers imagine themselves in the home

If you are looking for cleaning products or equipment to assist with your decluttering process, the following local stores, and stores in nearby areas, will be able to help you:

  • Poundstretchers at Newtown Rd, Ramsey, Huntingdon PE26 1EJ, and according to the store’s Google listing, the following health and safety measures are in place: Mask required · Safety dividers at checkout

  • Wades at 74-78 Great Whyte, Ramsey, Huntingdon PE26 1HU, and according to the store’s Google listing, the following health and safety measures are in place: Mask required

  • Tesco Superstore at Neil Way, Ramsey, Huntingdon PE26 2SB, and according to the store’s Google listing, the following health and safety measures are in place: Mask required · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · Safety dividers at checkout

  • Warboys Hardware at 30 High St, Warboys, Huntingdon PE28 2RH

What motivates people to declutter and spring clean?

Of course, it is important to be aware you don’t have to be in the process of selling your home to benefit from a declutter. There are many reasons people decide to clean their home. A study in 2019 asked people what motivates them to declutter their home, and give their house a spring clean. The following answers were recorded:

  • To reduce stress or act as a mood booster – cited by 35%

  • To create a minimalism style at home or to help build sustainability – cited by 21%

  • More space was needed around the home – said by 19%

  • To refresh the property for the spring season – listed by 12%

  • To increase productivity – named by 6%

  • To find and then sell unused items – cited by 6%

Your shopping habits might be positively affected by having a cleaner and streamlined home. The same study also uncovered people’s thoughts on their shopping habits after the decluttering process:

  • 5% of respondents said they stopped shopping after decluttering their home

  • 34% of respondents said they shopped less often after decluttering their property

  • 30% said they shopped more mindfully after decluttering their house

  • 30% said there was no change to their shopping behaviour after decluttering their home

  • 1% of respondents said they shop more now after having decluttered their property

We know 2020 was a challenging year, and this was the case in the housing market”, said Thomas Morris Ramsey Branch Manager Joe Rattue. “However, there is significant demand and activity in the market. We know buyers are looking for homes close to parks and open spaces, and we believe Ramsey has a lot to offer. This is the ideal time of year to clean and declutter your home. If you are doing this as part of the sales process, we can help.”

If you are looking for help with any matter of the housing market, it is best to speak to property professionals. You can book a sales or rental valuation appointment directly on line at a time and date of your choice by clicking here or alternatively or you can phone our Ramsey branch on 01487 814666.