Homeowners & Landlords Need Time

September 14th 2019
By: Thomas Morris
Homeowners & Landlords Need Time

Time is often of the essence when dealing with problems, and landlords know this all too well. Tenants are not slow in demanding problems and issues need resolving quickly, but some challenges are more pressing than others. If you’re a landlord or homeowner, sometimes you need help in a hurry, and these are the emergency services which can help you manage your property.

Boiler repair is essential for a happy home life

When your boiler is working well, you don’t think about it. However, as soon as there is an issue with a boiler, it becomes a significant problem. When a boiler stops working, normal home life pauses or slows down. This situation is uncomfortable for tenants and owner-occupiers, and when tenants are unhappy, landlords need to act fast.

The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act places landlords under considerable pressure to provide suitable living conditions. If a boiler has broken down, it can be difficult for tenants to wash, to clean dishes and to prepare food. Therefore, landlords are at risk of being sued if they don’t resolve the matter quickly.

Of course, repairing or replacing a boiler is expensive. While landlords are advised to keep money aside to deal with emergencies, the sums of money required to repair or replace a boiler can put a landlord at a disadvantage. In this instance, having boiler insurance is of considerable benefit, and it may minimise inconvenience at your rental accommodation or home.

Roofing problems cause serious problems

Another area of concern for landlords is the roof of a property, especially with autumn and winter looming. The property roof, drains and guttering are all under more significant pressure with the weather taking a turn for the worse.

If problems arise that make a home feel damp, cold and miserable, it can become costly quickly. The damage caused by flooding and dampness is often immense, not just financially, but concerning people’s health. Therefore, when problems arise with the roof, drains or gutters, swift remedies are required.

Most landlords aren’t comfortable working at significant heights, or they may not have the expertise or tools to manage the job. Calling on a local roofing specialist or turning to property maintenance specialists who take care of these matters is essential.

Appliances are essential for a happy home life

It is critical to remember appliances play an integral role around the home or rental property. When a fridge, oven, microwave or washing machine stop working, home life becomes much harder to manage. If a landlord provides these appliances for tenants, they should look to repair or resolve issues as quickly as possible.

 “At Thomas Morris, we know not all problems are equal”, said Thomas Morris Royston Branch Manager Erin Carroll. “When an issue requires immediate attention, landlords need to know who they can turn to. We are always on hand to offer guidance, and resolve matters.”

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