Fine & Country's Outlook For The National Housing Market

March 9th 2018
By: Thomas Morris

Our colleagues at Fine & Country feel the premium housing market has been a bit like the weather, a cold and gloomy start but as Easter approaches the warmer spells are breaking through.

One reason to be optimistic about premium markets in the UK is the long-term price growth trend. Over the last decade, the mid-market has seen substantial overall average house price increases of around 3.8% per year. The top 5% most expensive properties, on the other hand, have seen much stronger growth, at about 4.9%. For the top 1%, the increase is even stronger at approximately 6.2% per year.


You should know that now is opportunity time in the premium property market. It has never been a better time to act, especially if you want to capture all the capital appreciation the next market cycle will produce. Get in touch with our Fine & Country market experts at St Neots on 0330 333 1060 and they will show you how to make your next move the best yet.

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