How To Buy Land And Build A Home

May 17th 2018
By: Thomas Morris


Have you ever considered building your own home? If so our colleagues at The Guild For Property Professionals have given their 5 top tips on buying land and building your dream home.

  • Carefully consider the land’s location, size, and surroundings. Would the property fit in with the neighbours? This will be crucial to get planning approval.
  • Always do a land registry search. It’s affordable and can tell you a lot about the land you’re considering. The search will tell you if the property is registered. Unregistered land can take time to get papers in order.
  • There are many checks to do before you build. Depending on the scale of your project, you’ll need a bat survey, an asbestos test, and a geotechnical survey. Check there is no Japanese knotweed on the property, and ask the Council if there are any tree protection orders. Without these, unexpected building costs can arise, which can add thousands of pounds to your build cost.
  • Put an inquiry into the planning department for £140 to see if they will grant full approval to build. It’s good to do this before you buy to guarantee approval.
  • Employ an architect or an architectural designer. Visit the RIBA website to find a list of local firms.

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