Insulation Tips To Improve Your Home

November 2nd 2019
By: Thomas Morris
Insulation Tips To Improve Your Home

In autumn and winter, a lot of the jobs you put off in summer take on significant importance. The change in temperature means a formerly happy and healthy home can feel cold and unwelcome. Whether you are a landlord, tenant or homeowner, there is a lot to be said for creating a pleasant atmosphere, which is why you need insulation tips to improve your home.

If you have the time and money, investing in double glazing is an excellent way to improve the insulation of your property. However, double glazing is expensive, and it takes a lot of time to recoup your investment. If you are looking for more affordable insulating tips that make a difference, we can help you make your home more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Stopping draughts is important

Draughts have a significant impact on how much you enjoy your home in winter, so it makes sense to block any cracks or gaps if you can. Check the condition of door frames, window frames, skirting boards and between the side and bottom of your doors.

Rubber weather-stripping is an effective way to fill these gaps, and help to prevent cold air from entering your home or circulating your house.

You should also look to improve the insulation of your windows, even if you aren’t going to invest in double glazing. A simple, quick and easy way to add insulation is to add plastic sheeting to your window. With the use of hot air from a hairdryer, you can tighten the plastic to your windows.

This may not be the most stylish of solutions, but if you want to be proactive this winter, it is a smart way to insulate your home better. If you are a tenant, don’t make this style of change at home without speaking to the landlord first.

Improve the insulation in your attic

We all know warm air rises, and by adding or improving the insulation in your loft or attic, you can reduce heat loss by around 20%. You can insulate your loft with a variety of materials, although insulation rolls are affordable and easy to install.

You should also consider the insulation in your walls. If you have cavity walls, insulation can be applied quickly and easily, retaining a considerable amount of heat. This is a process best left to professionals, but it will help you heat your home.

Insulate your pipes and water heater

Lagging pipes is a smart move in winter, for insulation purposes, and for reducing the risk of a burst pipe. If you have a water heater or boiler, you should also consider wrapping it up. A fibreglass jacket keeps your water warmer, reducing heat loss and lowering your energy bills. This is an outcome, everyone, benefits from!

Add thicker curtains

Improving the insulation at your home doesn’t have to be a challenging task. The simple act of adding thicker curtains to your home retains heat and makes your home more comfortable.

If you are looking for ways to improve your home, it is best to speak to property professionals. For a chat or discussion on your options, contact your local Thomas Morris branch, and we’ll be delighted to offer guidance. If you are looking to sell your home, book a valuation at a time that is suitable to you.