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October: What Is Happening With House Prices?

October 16th 2019
By: Thomas Morris


The UK House Price Index issued by Gov.UK captures changes in the value of residential properties using sales data collected on residential housing transactions, bought with cash or with a mortgage.

Here is a summary of official house price movements across our region and beyond according to the latest UK House Price Index Reports published 16th October 2019.

The August data shows an average house prince in the UK of £234,853 and an average house price in England of £251,233

UK Property

There has been a 0.8% Monthly change and a 1.3% Annual change

Property In England

There has been a 0.8% Monthly change and a 1.1% Annual change

East Of England

There has been a 0.3% Monthly change and a 0.1% Annual change


There has been a -0.3% Annual change

Central Bedfordshire

There has been a -1.3% Annual change


There has been a -0.6% Annual change

The region with the Biggest annual price move was Wales with a change of 4.5%
The region with the Smallest annual price move was London with a change of -1.4%

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