Outlook For East of England Premium Property Market

February 13th 2018
By: Thomas Morris


Our colleagues at Fine & Country have reported on the outlook for the East of England premium property market. They're very positive about the prospects for this part of the country, and indeed the country as a whole.

The mid-market cooled off in the second half of 2017 and the premium market was no exception. However when it comes to predictions for 2018, most analysts are reasonably positive about the prospects, it seems most experts foresee cooling in the number of properties on the market, but not a fall in property prices.

So what about premium markets in the East of England - Well traditionally premium markets tend to follow the patterns of the mid-market, albeit at an exaggerated level. For example, a small boost for prices in a local mid-market will translate into a much larger one for premium properties. The same is true in reverse.

For that reason Fine & Country expect that 2018 will start quietly and gain momentum towards the end of the year. Essentially the inverse of 2017. Anyone delaying a home sale or purchase should beware though - all the biggest opportunities are out there when the market is at this stage of cycle. The people who stand to gain the most from property over the next decade are those who start working with a local market expert now and uncover the best opportunities. Others are in danger of missing the boat.

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