Plan Your January Declutter

November 16th 2019
By: Thomas Morris
Plan Your January Declutter

We are only in November, and many of you will think that people planning for Christmas are being a little bit keen. However, there is a lot to be said for mapping out what you are going to do in the weeks and months which lie ahead. Organising Christmas can be hectic, but selling your home is even more challenging. If you want to sell your home in the New Year, it makes sense to work towards this goal, and we can help you plan your January declutter.

The first month of the year is an ideal time to declutter your home and clean it thoroughly. It seems as though everyone you speak to is on a health-kick, doing a detox or turning over a new leaf while battling to maintain their resolutions. This is the ideal time for a change, and dedicating time to facilitate the sales process and moving to a new home, is time well spent.

Embrace the challenge of a January detox

A lot of people like taking on problems at the start of a New Year, and it will help you to break the process down into a lot of smaller tasks. Rather than dreading the thought of detoxing your whole house, look to do one room or focus on one aspect at a time. Some people commit to 15 or 30 minutes of decluttering a day and no more.

This may not sound a lot, but at just 15 minutes per day, you will declutter for more than 7 hours in the month. If you manage to do 30 minutes of decluttering per day in January, you will have spent 15 hours on the process. By the end of the month, you will have changed your home for the better, and you will have started the process of selling your home.

Focus on what you regularly use and need

When you declutter your home, it helps to focus on whether you still need something. If you have clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, or you don’t think you will wear again, you should consider getting rid of them. You can throw these clothes in the bin, you can give them away, you can pass them on to charity, or you can try and sell them. The most important thing is you start to reduce your possessions, allowing you to present a cleaner and more welcoming home to buyers.

Also, when you move home, you will appreciate having fewer belongings to move, so there is an added reason to begin the decluttering process in earnest.

At Thomas Morris, we know the challenges vendors face when preparing their home for a sale”, said Thomas Morris Royston Branch Manager Erin Carroll. “The sales process should begin with a declutter and clean, and January is the ideal time to give your home a fresh look. If you want to sell your home in 2020, call on a local expert for support.”

Selling your home is a challenging process, but we are here to help. To book a valuation appointment at a time that is of suitable to you, click here. Alternatively, you can phone our Royston branch, managed by Erin Carroll by calling us on 01763 243331.