Prices in Wales surge 4.8% as buyers rush to beat new Land Transaction Tax

May 22nd 2018
By: Thomas Morris

Our colleagues at LSL Property Services produce a report taken from the latest House Price Index Report for England and Wales. The following is a brief summary of the report together with a link to the full version which includes a more detailed analysis.

  • Price declines overall in the month, but strength in the regions and cities outside London
  • North Somerset up 13.6% annually as Bristol boom spreads
  • Transactions slump by a quarter in April as weather hits house hunting
  • High priced property suffers, with Windsor and Maidenhead seeing largest falls

House prices continue to slow. Prices are down for the third month in a row, and the annual rate of growth has now fallen for almost a solid year - 11 months in succession. It now stands at just 1%, down from 9% at its height in February 2016.

Many areas continue to prove resilient, however. Excluding London and the South East, prices in England and Wales remain 3% up on the same time last year, and only London is currently recording an annual fall in prices. 

Overall, the average price in England an Wales at the end of April stood at £302,252, up from £299,374 a year ago.

Click here to see a full copy of the report