Sell Your Sawtry Home In Summer

June 15th 2019
By: Thomas Morris
Sell Your Sawtry Home In Summer

In England, the busiest time of year in the property market is spring. After the quiet period of winter, the market lumbers into life as the weather improves, and people want to move home before summer rolls around.

The emergence of online property portals has slightly changed the market. There is a year-round market for property deals now, and while spring is still the predominant time to buy and sell homes, it is possible to be active at this time of year. If you are wondering whether you can sell your Sawtry home in summer, the answer is yes you can.

Who is the most likely buyer of your home?

One thing to consider is who the most likely buyer of properties in your area is. “We know families tend to move in spring and autumn, but there are findings which suggest couples in their golden years are likely to move in summer”, said Thomas Morris Sawtry Branch Manager Tom Mollett.

Considering the ageing population of the United Kingdom, and the increased mortgage options for people aged 50 years old and older, this is a market that plays a prominent part in property deals. If you are keen to sell your home this summer, it may be that the natural demand from elderly buyers helps you achieve your goals.

There is also the fact that homes look best in summer. Most vendors know the importance of kerb appeal, and as your garden looks best in summer, this is the ideal time of year to place your house on the market. Selling in summertime allows you to spend hours outside of your home, creating a welcoming environment that ensures first impressions are very positive.

Summer is the ideal time to carry out repairs

If you are selling your home in summer, you should know this is the best time of year to carry out improvements. No one wants to repair windows or roofs in winter. If you are carrying out significant repair work at this time of year, it is because problems have arisen, and you are likely carrying out emergency work to minimise problems.

In summer, your house is less exposed to the elements, allowing you to make repairs or upgrades at leisure. These improvements will also provide benefits when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Buyers move towards windows during the viewing process.

A lot of this is because buyers want to see the view from the window, but buyers also want to review the condition of window frames. When the window frames are in excellent condition, the room is well insulated.

A well-insulated room can be heated at a lower cost, and you place less strain on the environment. There is an increasing need to be environmentally friendly, and if your home has a positive EPC rating, you’ll likely attract the attention of more buyers.

Therefore, there is a demand for homes in summer, and you can make your house look as appealing as possible at this time.

Selling your home is stressful, but with the right support, you can make the process easier. Book a valuation at a time that is of suitable to you or alternatively, you can phone our Sawtry branch, managed by Tom Mollett by calling us on 01487 831333.