Spring Gardening Tips To Sell Your Home

March 21st 2020
By: Thomas Morris
Spring Gardening Tips To Sell Your Home

The outside of your home is just as crucial in the sales process as the inside of your property. Don’t forget the importance of first impressions, and the first thing a potential buyer sees when they come to your home is the garden.

If the garden isn’t attractive or appealing, many potential buyers will start to form a negative impression of your home. This makes the sales process much more complicated and can prevent you from properly connecting with likely buyers.

Make the most of what you have

Many people will inevitably look to buy items or make sweeping changes when they want to make their garden look as good as possible. However, you should first of all, focus on what you have, and making this as appealing as possible.

Take the time to clean your garden, removing debris and leaves, while paring back any overgrown grass or leaves. A tidy and orderly garden will look much more appealing than a messy one, which creates an excellent starting point.

Add some seasonal colour and flair

You must make your garden as bright and joyful as possible. Spring is the ideal time of year to brighten up the garden and flowers such as hyacinths, tulips, bluebells, daffodils or crocuses area all excellent options for your garden in spring.

You don’t need to plant and cultivate these flowers. A lot of people take immense pride in creating a fantastic looking garden, but the most critical issue here is how your garden looks. If planting some blooming flowers helps you sell your home, the outcome is the most important thing.

Create more space

Unsurprisingly, some of the tips commonly associated with preparing the inside of your home also work for the outside of the home. You want to create as much space as you can in your garden. If you have some large objects, remove these from your garden or make sure they aren’t situated too close together.

If you physically cannot create more space in your garden, make sure you develop a sense of space.

Some quick tips to consider when preparing your garden this spring include:

  • Making sure your lawn is attractive
  • Focus on repair tasks
  • Make sure the perimeter of your property is clearly defined and in good condition

If you can follow these steps, you will increase your chances of making a positive connection when selling your home.

While these are challenging times, those who are able to spend time in their garden this spring will be keen to be active,” said Thomas Morris Sawtry Branch Manager Tom Mollett. “Improving the appearance of your garden now will go a long way to ensuring your home appeals to likely buyers.”

Selling your home is stressful, but with the right support, you can make the process easier. To book a valuation appointment at a time that is of suitable to you, click here. Alternatively, you can phone our Sawtry branch, managed by Tom Mollett by calling us on 01487 831333.