St Ives Landlords – Are You Planning For New Year?

December 21st 2019
By: Thomas Morris
St Ives Landlords – Are You Planning For New Year?

The beginning of the New Year can be a time of change for many people. A lot of people like to make a fresh start in the first few months of the year, and this means there can be a lot of upheaval. Landlords should be prepared for an increase in demand for rental property, and there may even be some existing landlords looking to move out of the rental property.

Therefore, it makes sense for landlords to be prepared for action. January is often a busy time of year for landlords as the tax deadline is January 31st. Hopefully, you are up to date and complying with this deadline, but if not, make sure this is a top priority in the opening weeks of 2020.

The start of the year is also an excellent time to ensure you comply with all rental property regulations. There are more than 160 regulations for landlords to deal with, many of which were introduced this year. Take some time to refresh your knowledge of rental property regulations, but if you need any help, we are more than happy to assist you.

Make sure you know the rental market

You will also find the beginning of the year is the perfect time to refresh your knowledge of the local area and rental market. A lot can change in a year, so if you don’t know what the current level of demand for homes in your area is, now is the time to create a platform of knowledge for 2020. You should also try to stay up to date with rental fees.

We can help you remain informed about the local market

Of course, if you don’t have the time or interest to remain up to date with the local market, we are more than happy to assist you.

At Thomas Morris, we know the St Ives rental market very well, and we are happy to ensure you remain fully informed”, said Thomas Morris St Ives Branch Manager Katy Poore. “The start of a New Year is a perfect time to get back in touch with the local market, and with your responsibilities. If there is any part of your role as a landlord you need assistance with, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.”

January is also a perfect time to make changes to the rental property or set up a maintenance schedule. The landlord, or the agent working on their behalf, should double-check the dates when the gas safety check should be renewed, and it is crucial to ensure the EPC remains valid. When you are reviewing paperwork for rental property, it makes sense to do as much as you can. January is often seen as a dull or depressing month, but it provides landlords with a chance to create a platform for success for the rest of the year.

Letting property is stressful, but with the right support, you can make the process easier. Book a valuation at a time that is suitable to you or alternatively, you can phone our St Ives branch, managed by Katy Poore by calling us on 01480 468066.