Tips To Sell Your Home This Autumn

October 12th 2019
By: Thomas Morris
Tips To Sell Your Home This Autumn

Even though spring is the season most people associate with the property market, it is possible to sell your home all year round. Selling your home in autumn poses a few challenges for vendors, but there is no reason you cannot sell your home before the end of the year. If you’re looking for tips for selling your home this autumn, we are here to help.

Clear away fallen leaves

In autumn, leaves look fantastic when they are on trees, but when they fall, they cause problems in and around a home. Clearing leaves is challenging, but you must do so. Clearing leaves away from grassy areas creates a tidier and larger-looking space.

However, your primary focus should be on clearing leaves from paths and driveways. Leaves are a hazard in these areas, causing people to slip. If you have guests viewing the property, you need to create a clean and safe entrance and exit for them.

Also, take time to clear leaves from drains and gutters. Blocked guttering poses a risk to the condition of your home. When water cannot flow freely, it diverts, and it may find its way into your way. This outcome makes your home look unsightly, but in the longer-term, it can significantly damage your property.

Create a cosy atmosphere

When the temperature falls outside of the house, people want to enjoy a warm welcome at home. Make sure your home is well insulated and capable of retaining heat energy. When you have a viewing, make sure the heating is on, and the house is at a pleasant temperature.

You should also look to create a cosy atmosphere, and lighting is essential. It is better to use several smaller lights around the living room or bedroom than rely on the leading light for the home. In autumn, people want to feel comfortable, and you can create the ideal environment through the use of lighting and temperature.

You can also add accessories such as throws and blankets. While you should declutter your home, wraps and covers on couches and beds add a seasonal touch, and will hopefully help a prospective buyer to connect with the property.

Add autumnal colours and smells

We all have tastes and preferences, but autumn colours are vibrant, deep and adept at making people feel at home. You can also add autumnal smells with pumpkin and cinnamon spices, transforming the atmosphere of a room. It is possible to combine these smells with candles, plugins, potpourri or spices.

 “While many people want to stay wrapped up warm indoors in autumn, it is a time when some buyers are active,” said Thomas Morris Ramsey Branch Manager Joe Rattue. “A buyer looking to settle into their new home for Christmas or New Year needs to move now, so vendors can connect with keen buyers.”

Selling property is stressful, but it is possible to feel more confident about your chances and the market in general. If you need help with any part of the sales process, we can help. Book a valuation at a time that is suitable to you or; you can phone our Ramsey branch, managed by Joe Rattue by calling us on 01487 814666.