What Tenants Should Do During The Lease

July 13th 2019
By: Thomas Morris
What Tenants Should Do During The Lease

Understandably, there is a lot of focus on the landlord's responsibilities in a rental agreement. However, it shouldn't be forgotten that tenants have responsibilities too. If you are a tenant keen to ensure you meet expectations during a lease or you're a landlord looking for guidance on what tenants should do during the contract, we are here to help.

At Thomas Morris, we are pleased to say we have helped many tenants and landlords in Sawtry, and we look forward to bringing people together to enjoy a pleasant letting experience.

Tenants need to pay rent on time and in full

It should go without saying that tenants need to pay rent on time, and in full. This is the priority payment for tenants to make, and a failure to do so means the landlord could ask the tenant to leave the rental property.

If you're a tenant and you think you face difficulties in paying the rent, it is best to inform the landlord as quickly as possible. Many landlords are reliant on tenant's rental payments to pay the mortgage on the rental property. Therefore, if a tenant is late or misses a payment, the landlord needs to make alternative arrangements to fund their mortgage payment, or they'll also be in trouble.

Therefore, if you believe you face difficulties, it is best to provide your landlord with as much notice as you can. The landlord may be in a position to offer you guidance or support in finding a solution to the problem.

Pay other property-related bills

While the monthly rental payment is the leading bill a tenant has to pay, they have other rental property-related bills to consider. Tenants are responsible for paying council tax, gas and electricity bills, water bills and any relevant phone or broadband charges for the rental accommodation.

If the tenant fails to pay these bills, it may lead to problems with the landlord.

Tenants are expected to care for the rental property

While natural wear and tear are expected at the rental property, the tenant is expected to maintain the property in a suitable condition. If a tenant fails to maintain the standard of the rental property, they face losing some or even all of their rental deposit.

"We believe an inventory list, detailed at the start of the rental period, is vital for landlords and tenants," said Thomas Morris Sawtry Branch Manager Tom Mollett. "This information guides the condition of the property, helping tenants maintain an expected standard within the rental home, which is helpful to the tenant and landlord."

Being a tenant is challenging, but we are here to help. If you are looking to rent property in Sawtry, get in touch. If you are a landlord looking to let property, we can also assist. To book a valuation appointment at a time that is of suitable to you, click here. Alternatively, you can phone our Sawtry branch, managed by Tom Mollett by calling us on 01487 831333.