July 20th 2021
After over a year in lockdown, the way many of us live and work has changed drastically. With a change in lifestyle has come a change in needs, especially when it comes to where we spend most of our time – our homes.
July 19th 2021
The importance of researching online shouldn’t be overlooked, and this is likely to be a key factor in the figures which follow. With good property listings, high-quality images, video content, and as much information as you feel is relevant, vendors can present their property in the most effective way.
July 16th 2021
Space is vital, and it is fair to say many people are looking for additional room at home. If this sounds like you, you’ll likely have been looking at the cost involved with moving to a home with an additional bedroom.
July 12th 2021
All landlords understand the important of energy-efficiency and having a suitable Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. At Thomas Morris, we take great pride in assisting local landlords, and if you are looking for guidance on this matter, we are on hand to help you.
July 9th 2021
In the long-term, it is easy to see why many people and households are keen to buy property. Paying money each month to a landlord, as opposed to placing it towards an asset of your own, isn’t ideal for many people.
July 5th 2021
The design and layout of a home has a massive role to play in reaching out to buyers in a competitive marketplace. At Thomas Morris, we are pleased to say we are experienced in staging homes, and we have connected many buyers and vendors in the industry.
July 2nd 2021
If you’re planning a wedding and a property purchase, you are likely very busy, and enduring an expensive time. Thomas Morris is here to help on the property side, and if you would like to arrange an appointment, please get in touch.
July 1st 2021
If you are getting ready to complete on a new house then be sure to read these great tips on how to unpack once you are moved in. 
June 28th 2021
We know many prospective buyers need assistance stepping onto the property ladder, and we are here to offer as much guidance as we can. At Thomas Morris, we are pleased to say we have helped connect many buyers and vendors, and we will continue to do so.
June 24th 2021
If you are a landlord looking for good news, rising average rents will be welcome. This is something we have witnessed across our branches, and there is also evidence to suggest average rents are rising across the country.
June 21st 2021
If you are considering expanding your rental property portfolio, you are not alone. Given the demand for rental property, many landlords are looking to capitalise on this demand and meet the needs of these demanding tenants.
June 17th 2021
All landlords should be aware of the homeownership dreams held by many tenants. Sometimes letting property features a lot of turnovers, and while it would be great to have tenants who stay for years, this isn’t always the way things pan out.