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Calculator, pen and model house
April 19th 2022
There are many reasons why house prices rise, but when the demand for homes is far greater than the supply of property, it is likely that the price of homes will increase.
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Close up of shelf being cleaned with cloth and spray
April 13th 2022
Read our best tips for making an easy job of your spring cleaning. Here is what you need to know to get started.
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Garden in sunlight
April 9th 2022
It is fair to say homebuyer behaviour has shifted a bit in recent times. The impact of the pandemic and lockdowns has changed a lot of people’s priorities.
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Property title fraud
April 8th 2022
Property title fraud – could it happen to you?  If you're a homeowner find out how to protect yourself from your property being sold to someone else without your knowledge or permission.
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Property listings
April 6th 2022
Trading Standards and the government have jointly announced compulsory material information which must appear on property listings. A property's council tax band or rate (for lettings and sales) and the property price and tenure information (for sales) must be included on all property listings by 31st May 2022.
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The True Cost Behind ‘Cheap’ Estate Agency Fees
March 29th 2022
We all love a bargain. That satisfying feeling when we’ve managed to get our hands on something while saving money. But there’s a big difference between getting value for money and something cheap as chips.
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How to choose an estate agent to sell your home
March 28th 2022
Choosing an estate agent to sell or rent out your home can be a daunting task. Do you have recommendations from friends of family? Should you rely on online reviews? Choose the agent with the most sales boards visible? Or choose the estate agent who offers the cheapest service?
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Prepare now for a successful property sale
March 22nd 2022
IT’S GOING TO BE A BUSY SPRING!Prepare Now for a Successful Property SaleRightmove, ( a leading UK property webs...
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Ramsey Housing Market Starts 2022 Strongly
February 28th 2022
At Thomas Morris, we stay in touch with the local housing market in Ramsey, as well as the national market.
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Huntingdon Homeowners And Property Improvements In 2022
February 14th 2022
As we move towards spring, it is natural for homeowners to think about changes they will make to their home.
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2022 Property Market – What Comes Next?
February 11th 2022
The start of a New Year is a great time to look back, but it is vital to look forward. If you are looking to buy a home in 2022, this is the ideal time to familiarise yourself with what is likely to unfold in the next 12 months.
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What Will Put Biggleswade Buyers Off?
February 7th 2022
If you plan on selling your Biggleswade home this year, it is easy to see you need to focus on giving what buyers what they want. However, it is also essential that you know what homebuyers are looking to avoid.
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